Wall Street Mastermind – Sam Shiah’s Prep Course Review

Wall Street Mastermind is a program founded by Sam Shiah. It helps aspiring bankers be successful in this competitive banking field. It targets individuals who want to get many offers right after completing their education in investment banking. Whether you’re an amateur or have some experience in banking, you can still work on your weaknesses and improve your performance as a candidate using this program.

Many people use Wall Street Mastermind for many reasons. First, Sam offers undivided mentoring attention to help nurture your abilities. Also, one can get assistance on any technical question they might have. Again, Sam will analyze the specific areas that prevent you from getting a job position in any company.

Why Sign Up for this prep Course?

Many perks come with joining this program. Some of the benefits you get include:

Check-In Calls

Sam personally calls you to review how you perform in interviews, as well as how you can improve yourself. He’ll teach you how to respond to technical questions, which will help improve your performance.

Group Coaching Sessions

These are weekly sessions that are done via Facebook live. Here individuals ask any question they have, including inquiries about recruiting, interviewing as well as networking.

Application and Networking

Sam reviews your resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, etc. and offers advice on how one can improve them for free. He again helps candidates perfect their networking efforts and eliminates anything that puts one in jeopardy of getting their dream job.

Private VIP Facebook Group

This is the Wolf Pack that allows candidates to connect with other successful people who were mentored by Sam. Through this pack, one can make significant connections that will expose them to job opportunities.

Interview Mastery and Live Deal Stimulation

After several coaching lessons, one will master basic interview concepts. These concepts will help improve your performances on job interviews. Individuals also get a chance to work on live deal simulations. Therefore, they’ll have an idea of what being a real banker entails. You’ll work in a real company and apply what you’ve learned on the Wall Street Mastermind program. If you make it to the “top bucket” candidates in your firm, you get many bonuses and even a job offer.

Emotional Support and Accountability

Unlike other programs, the Wall Street Mastermind works on every aspect to ensure that you get more job offers as well as improve your performance on interviews. Sam helps you build self-confidence, and after sessions, he makes follow-up calls to check on your progress.

Is this Program Right for Me?

Well, finding a job in investment banking is not easy. So many people with a degree or masters in this field are still unemployed. Yet universities continue to produce many graduates. Although having knowledge in this area is necessary, it’s also essential that one figures out how to prepare and pass for interviews. Using this program, Sam helps individuals to improve their performance in job interviews and even get offered a job position. Wall Street Mastermind is an excellent course for individuals who:

  • Need help with answering technical interview questions.
  • Have unsuccessfully tried different services before.
  • Have gone to many interviews but didn’t pass.

Final Thoughts

WSM is a great program for someone who has been trying to secure a job position in investment banking unsuccessfully. In this course, you’ll learn how to answer interview questions and avoid small mistakes that reduce your chances of getting a job offer. But, this program requires determination. You’ll need to work on yourself and get ready for interviews.