The Most Important Tips to Prepare You For A Walk-In Interview

Walk-in interviews are usually a lot easier and quicker than scheduled job interviews. However, the job pool is larger and more competitive. You might need to work harder to stand out from the crowd. However, the advantage is that you can just walk in without needing to make an appointment.

A lot of companies go through a walk-in interview process to find good candidates as quickly as possible. Other companies prefer walk-ins so they can interview as many people as they can within a short time frame. While this gives everyone an equal chance at the job, it just means you need to work harder to prepare yourself.

Here are the best ways to do that.

1. Comb Through Your Resume

Are you sure your resume is up to date? It’s worth giving it a look-over. Update it to reflect your latest achievements, work experiences, and titles. You might also want to look into the job description at the company you’re about to interview with to see what skills or experiences they value the most. Make sure your resume strongly reflects your potential candidacy at this specific job.

2. Dress Nicely

This is just as professional as any other kind of interview. Dress in business-appropriate attire and don’t’ forget to utilize confident body language. You don’t need to look like the most formal professional in the world, but definitely keep up with dress code standards to make a good impression.

3. Get There Early

Companies that conduct walk-in interviews usually have a time frame where the office is open to potential candidates. You want to get there within the first hour. Not only will your interview have a more lasting impact, but you will also get to speak with the interviewer when they are still fresh and ready for the day. It takes a lot of energy to interview person after person, so being one of the first of the day is a good idea.

4. Be A Good Communicator

This is a good tip for any kind of interview, but make sure not to skimp out on your communication skills during a walk-in. You want to be well-mannered and well-spoken at all times. Speak clearly without speaking too fast. Make sure that both your verbal and bodily language is positive and professional. Never cut anyone off while they are speaking. Appear confident, but not cocky. These are good communication tips for any situation.

5. Thank the Interview with a Follow-Up

Just because the recruiter is interviewing dozens of candidates doesn’t mean they don’t care about you. If you’re worried whether you’ve made a lasting impression during your interview, you should follow up with a thank-you email. You probably took the interviewer’s card or information during your time there. Use it to send them a note of gratitude. You should also let them know that you are still interested in the position and you can’t wait to hear feedback.