The Top 10 Most Helpful Phone Interview Tips

With the advent of the Internet and smartphones, it is now possible to apply for a job anywhere in the world without needing to be there locally. If you’ve sent in an application with a big company, odds are you will have to go through a phone interview first. If you pass the phone screening, you will then be able to move on to the next steps in the interview process.

Here are the top 10 most helpful tips for passing your phone interview with flying colors.

1. Research the Company

Know as much about the company as possible before your call. Being in the know will make you appear professional and interested, which will bump your name up on the list.

2. Choose a Quiet Location

You need to be in a good spot during your phone interview. Don’t talk outside where there is lots of noise or in the kitchen where the kids are running wild. Be in a silent space so you can give the recruiter your undivided attention.

3. Take Notes

It’s never a bad idea to use a cheat sheet. Plan for common interview questions and write down your answers ahead of time. That way you will be fully prepared and not caught off-guard when the recruiter asks you to explain why you want to work for the company.

4. Pretend It’s an In-Person Interview

Most candidates don’t take phone interviews as seriously as in-person interviews. This is a mistake. Make sure your mannerisms and professionalism are on par with what would be expected of you in a work environment.

5. Do Not Ask About Money

It might be tempting to ask what you will be getting paid. That way you’ll know if you really want the job or not. But it’s better to wait for the topic to come up organically so you don’t seem cheap or disappointed.

6. Stay Positive

Always maintain a smile when on the phone. They might not be able to see it, but they can definitely hear it in your voice. Remain upbeat to give off a professional vibe.

7. Look at Your Resume

Your resume should be in front of you during your phone screening. You’ll need to refer to it often to talk about your skills and experiences. Take some time beforehand to make sure it’s up to date as well.

8. Ask Great Questions

Asking questions shows that you have a vested interest in the company. You are actively pursuing a career with them, so let the recruiter know it. Ask professional questions that speak to your intelligence and passion.

9. Thank the Recruiter

Before you end the call, make sure to thank the recruiter for their time. Ask if they have any last questions for you. Thank them for speaking with you, and let them know that you are happy to continue the conversation in person moving forward.

10. Send A Follow-Up Email

After you thank them over the phone, get on your computer. Send a personal note of thanks to the recruiter or hiring staff. Let them know you are enthusiastic about the job and you can’t wait to hear from them soon.