Top 10 Ways to Practice Interview Etiquette

Going to a job interview is no easy feat. You have to sit in front of people you don’t know and try to prove why you’re a good fit for the job. Meanwhile, you have to be professional and confident about your skills and work experiences. How can you juggle all of this at once?

Once word: Etiquette.

Here’s how you can show more class than your competitors and land the job you’ve worked so hard for.

1. First 5 Seconds

Studies show that you have 5 seconds to make a good first impression. You need to be the image you want to last in your interviewer’s minds. Be enthusiastic and start with a smile.

2. Big Smiles

Speaking of smiles, it’s important not to underestimate how powerful they can be. Frowning can come across as mad, nervous, disappointed, or mean. Use body language to show your interviewer how interested in the job you really are!

3. Name Calling

Your interviewer will feel impressed if you address them by name. Obviously, do this in a respectful way. But addressing them during the interview (i.e, “Thank you for your question, Miss Thomas”) is a great way to make a personal connection.

4. Don’t Answer Your Phone

It’s proper etiquette to leave your phone in the car or to have it turned off during the interview. But in the event it rings or dings in the middle of a conversation, simply silence it and apologize. Never answer it!

5. Powerful Handshake

There’s an art to a meet and greet. A powerful handshake shows confidence and professionalism. North American handshake etiquette dictates that you should stand around 2 feet apart from the person you are shaking hands with. And be sure to squeeze their hand without being too painful. Take your hands out of your pocket and face them squarely.

6. Body Language

Pay special attention to your physical movements and body language during the interview. Sometimes, an interview can be made or broken by the way you use body language. Sit up straight, be poised and confident, and don’t fidget. Face the person you’re speaking to as often as possible.

7. Standing Table

Usually, you will be guided to a meeting room where you can sit at a table and talk. However, the best thing to do is to continue standing at the table until you are asked to sit. It’s considered polite.

8. Dress for the Job You Want

When it comes to making a good first impression, physical appearance is everything. Even if you aren’t sure what the general dress code of the company is, your best bet is to dress conservatively and professionally. Even if you are applying for a job at a construction company or fast food joint, you need to look polished.

9. Asking Questions

Finish the interview off strong by asking some legitimate questions about the company and their expectations of you in the job position. Ask them if there is anything you should know or work on while waiting to hear if you got the job. Your recruiter will appreciate that you seem enthusiastic and professional.

10. Follow Up ASAP

A thank-you note gives an added professional touch to your interview process. Making a personalized message shows that you care about the job very much and you are eager to hear from them again. They’ll be more likely to follow up with you fast!